50th Reunion - Class of 1962      40th Reunion - Class of 1972

Reunion 2012 was a great success!

To view and print photos please click here, click 'Client Images', then 'TCNJ Alumni Weekend 2012'. Type in: tcnj

Click either photo to view the different days of Reunion Weekend.

For those of you that couldn't make it, check out the  1962 Schedule or the 1972 Schedule to see what your classmates did!

 Our 50th Planning Committee

Ron Albert

Anne (Dunn) Herndon

Elaine (Wolkowitz) Hagel

Al DiPritzito

Barbara Kukla

Steve Seu

Glenn Earl

Harriett (Malloy) Flynn

Arlene (Mencaroni) Newman

Lillian (Georgeanni) Earl

Joan Manahan

Walter Sikorski

Bob Fishco

Marita (Digney) Goodwin

Bob Newman

Carol (Spincola) Fishco

Elaine (Weinstein) Goldfine

Gerri (Dantoni) Sylvester

Our 40th Planning Committee

John Kubilewicz

Peggy (Pierce) Lauricella

Patsy Marino

Terri Martinac

Terri (Kelly) Olexa