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Sunday November 10
12:00 PM
Join fellow alumni for TCNJ Lyric Theatre's production of Jesus Christ Superstar with a pre-show lunch reception sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Lunch – 12 PM in Trenton Hall 123
Jesus Christ Superstar – 2 PM in Kendall Hall

Note: Alumni ticket price is usually $12/person. The TCNJ Alumni Association sponsors this lunch and theater event for you for just $10!

"Lyric Theatre’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar provides a compelling and raw look at the political messiah who led a movement of peace and love against oppression and brutality. Jesus Christ Superstar has rocked audiences for years with its humanizing look at one of the most influential political dissidents of our history."

There is mature content, some religious references, some gender non-conformity, and some violence.

This event is wheelchair accessible.
Sold Out
Tickets for this event have sold out. If you would like to be added to the waitlist please email with your full name and the number of tickets you would like.