TCNJ Alumni Email

TCNJ Alumni Email


The College of New Jersey has signed an agreement with Google to provide Google Apps for Education to our students and alumni. Many schools are moving in this direction and we feel that the time is right for TCNJ to do the same. 

We think it’s really important to keep a connection to our alumni and Google Apps for Education will allow us to do that as well.  With this change, our alumni can keep a email account for life.

Optional email accounts will be available for alumni that have graduated 1990-present.

The email account will be the same as their TSC/TCNJ user-id. For example, John Smith would be Thus, any alumnae that have since been married will receive their maiden name as their email account name. 

If opening a TCNJ alumni email account is something you are interested in, please see below for directions.

Google Apps Instructions

To obtain a TCNJ alumni email account proceed through the following steps:

Step One: Look up your PAWS ID
1. Go to
2. Complete the form (see example picture below)
3. Click “Lookup PAWS ID”. You will be given a six-digit PAWS ID. Write this down; you will need it for Step Two.

Step Two: Use your PAWS ID to look up TCNJ account information
1. Go to
2. Select Account Lookup
3. Complete the form using the six-digit PAWS ID from Step One.
4. Click “Get Account Info”. You will be given a username and a password. You will use this username and password to login to PAWS.


Step Three: Use PAWS ID to Log Into Email

1. Go to You can also go to and click 'Web Tools' on the top right, then click 'Google Apps'.

2. Sign in using your username and password.

3. Once signed into Google Apps you will be able to update your personal preferences, including email forwarding.

For further questions see our Video Tutorials.

What is the difference between Gmail and Google Apps?